But, as many thought whenever they saw the graceful figure soaring through the air, it took a great hero and a terrible villain to make it all come about. And her name was Maleficent.

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i’ve seen more posts of people being excited for Home than this movie, which made me upset because this movie comes out before Home does (not that i am saying that you shouldn’t praise Home as well). and as for Big Hero 6 (a movie that also comes out after the Book of Life) and the people saying that there is a lack of representation of Asians in media, i feel you. why? because there is a bigger lack of hispanics, and i agree Disney messed up, you be upset. but be happy for Hispanics as well because we finally got an animated movie representing us and our culture. so please go see this movie when it comes out.

that is all i ask.

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Pixar Challenge - 4 Ships

[1/4] - Marlin & Dory (Friendship) from Finding Nemo

get to know me:  favourite animated movies

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"You should want a bad bitch like this"


"You should want a bad bitch like this"


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"You’re going to have sex, get pregnant and be ruined for the rest of your life."



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